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GRoW @ The Wallis presents
The Wallis Studio Ensemble's production of

RECKONING - A Short Play Festival

RECKONING features writers that illuminate, confront, surprise and delight audiences with witty and daring viewpoints on contemporary life. This festival of short plays reveals personal stories that explore complex social issues, clever and humorous commentary, and poetic meditations on what it means to be human.

The festival will feature the work of ten emerging and established writers. 8 playwrights, 1 poet and 1 short story writer, and includes 3 World Premieres and 7 LA Premieres.


Thursday, March 3rd, 8 PM - BUY TICKETS

Friday, March 4th, 8 PM - BUY TICKETS

Saturday, March 5th, 8 PM - BUY TICKETS

Sunday, March 6th, 3 PM - BUY TICKETS



Alex Kingsley
Amy Tofte
Briana Cox
Eric Lane
Jo Rodriguez
Jaisey Bates
Krysta Gonzales
Phillip B. Williams 
Sam Ambler
Starina Johnson

Produced by GRoW @ The Wallis

Director and Choreographer: Madeleine Dahm
Set Design: Sibyl Wickersheimer
Costume Design: Edina Hiser
Lighting Design: Bosco Flanagan
Sound Design: Madeleine Dahm
Headdress and Prop Fabrication: Alexander Sheldon
Cultural Consultant 'Infinite': Krysta Gonzales
Production Manager: Nicki Heskin
Artistic Associate: Kelvin Morales

Actors: Kendell Byrd, Rami Campbell, Alan Corvaia, Karlee Foster, Mark Antony Howard,  Austin Owens Kelly, Ashley Victoria Robinson, Taneal Williams

War by Design - WORLD PREMIERE
By Amy Tofte 

A brisk, stylized and absurdist comedy about Ziggy, a new hire in the war department, who gradually learns the truth behind the strange lingo of the three suits in charge.
by Briana Cox

This highly charged drama, with a ‘Twilight Zone’ twist, focuses on an apartment complex that descends into violence and paranoia after its once peaceful residents are suddenly unable to recognize each other’s faces.

By Krysta Gonzales

A powerful and celebratory new work, written, and created by Krysta Gonzalez, in collaboration with the actors. This play is a text and movement exploration of the endurance of Black Joy.

Sisters Three and the Tree - L.A. Premiere
by Jaisey Bates

Three star sisters and their storyteller sibling come from afar. They try to conjure a tree from a final seed in order to save a dying planet (ours). A Peoplehood Real Time play.

Daniel the Brave - L.A. Premiere
By Starina Johnson

An unexpected comedic take on an ancient myth -- with a sting in its tale – about a young man who searches and finds Medusa. He survives, and comes away with a new purpose.
Why We’re Here - L.A. Premiere
By Jo Rodriguez

A stark and mysterious drama about a WOMAN who begins a conversation with a stranger. Trapped between the bliss of ignorance and the fear of inadequacy, the MAN is forced to face the truth of who he has become.
A Bowl of Soup - L.A. Premiere
By Eric Lane

An intimate and emotional drama, set at the height of the AIDS epidemic. A moving look at the bond between brothers. Rob can barely speak after the loss of his partner. His brother Eddie visits and tries to get him to talk again.
Bearer Of Bad News - L.A. Premiere
By Alex Kingsley

A daring, corporeal tragedy in which the animals are dying, and ‘Bearers’ have been tasked with carrying endangered fetuses to term. A ‘Bearer’ finds new purpose in her pregnancy, but at what cost!
Guiding Light - L.A. Premiere
By Starina Johnson

A clever and inspired comedy that tells the story of the immaculate conception, with a twist.

He Loved him Madly from Thief in the Interior by Phillip B. Williams, Alice James Books, 2016
Epithalamium from Thief in the Interior by Phillip B. Williams, Alice James Books, 2016

THE PAWNSHOP - L.A. Theatrical Premiere
By Sam Ambler

When you’re down on your luck and times are hard, and it’s been a while since your last fix, what can you do when there’s nothing left to sell? There’s this pawnshop I know that’ll buy just about anything…

The Wallis Studio Ensemble is a dynamic, groundbreaking theater company for early-career actors who are committed to exploring innovative theatre practices, and creating bold theater that serves as a galvanizing force for social change. We are passionate about developing new works as well as reimagining and adapting existing plays. We are a company that was founded on a principle of diversity and inclusion, and we are committed to supporting marginalized artists and communities.

In the 2016/17 season, GRoW @ The Wallis joined with theatre director Madeleine Dahm to launch this dynamic, groundbreaking theatre ensemble. The goal was to provide a place for actors to experience an ensemble company culture, and support the building of a theater portfolio in Los Angeles. Since its inception six years ago, the Studio Ensemble has acquired a reputation for creating beautifully staged, innovative and socially conscious theatre,  with exceptional physical precision and emotional depth. The company has created 8 full full-length productions, for The Wallis and performed at three international performing arts festivals.

"Mesmerizing...This is avant-garde theater that sticks with you long after the curtain comes down." - Victoria Looseleaf, ArtNow LA 2019
"Hauntingly beautiful" - The San Diego Tribune 2018
"Pick of the Week" - Los Angeles Times 2018
"Pick of the Fringe" - Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019

In 2021 (during the pandemic lockdown), the company created a groundbreaking, eight-part episodic digital production, Fairyland Foibles, part soap opera / part radio play, which ran for several months and received thousands of online views. The company also self - produced a Short Story Podcast Series featuring writers from the BIPOC and LGBTQ communities and  in 2020 a new devised work, Lucid was presented at the Hudson Theatre in North Hollywood - L.A. Times ‘Pick of the Week’. 

In 2019 the company once again presented their gender-bending romp of The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, which was brought back to The Wallis by popular demand after a sold out run in 2018. The company also premiered S.O.S. at Atwater Village Theater - an original devised piece about the global epidemic of loneliness (later seen at the LGBT Center as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019, where it received a 'Pick of The Fringe' selection.)

In 2018 the company premiered Disposable at The Wallis, an original devised work that examines the intersection between environmental destruction and human displacement. The work was performed at The San Diego International Fringe Festival in June 2018 where it received critical acclaim.