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with Marc Maron

Senator Al Franken

The Wallis and Writers Bloc present 

Jul 07 - 08


Al Franken used to be a comedian, our nation's foremost political satirist. Then he decided to run for office. 
His new book, Giant of the Senate, takes us deep into his unlikely campaign, and into its more improbable ending: the closest Senate election outcome in history, and an unprecedented eight month recount saga.  Only Al Franken, a true Giant of the Senate, could make that funny. 

So what happens when an award-winning comedian, with an army of loyal fans from SNL and progressive radio, gets a chance to serve in the Senate? Senator Franken defies the low expectations from pundits, and turns out to be good at it. Giant of the Senate is about our deeply polarized, frequently depressing and sometimes inspiring political culture.  This candid memoir covers family, marriage, comedy and some of his most dramatic - and hilarious - moments in politics.
Each ticket includes a copy of Giant of the Senate, which Senator Al Franken will sign. Books must be picked up at the event; we are unable to ship any books before or after the event.