Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

Jun 08 - Jul 09

The Wallis production of


By Alexi Kaye Campbell
Directed by Michael Arden
Featuring Neal Bledsoe, Jessica Collins, Augustus Prew, Matthew Wilkas
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The Pride is a gorgeously-drawn drama alternating between two very distinct time periods and sets of characters whose fate is written by their eras.  In 1958, Philip is married to Sylvia, but is secretly attracted to her colleague Oliver. In 2008, Philip lives with his boyfriend Oliver, who continually destroys their relationship with his addiction to casual sex and turns to their friend Sylvia for guidance and support. As the past and present worlds collide, The Pride’s complex love triangle provides a provocative, humorous and insightful look at fidelity and forgiveness.

“HAUNTING… ideas crackle in The Pride.” - Los Angeles Times
“REMARKABLE… a worthwhile trip to the theater.” - Los Angeles Blade
“WOW! Riveting theater… the play’s Los Angeles Premiere weaves a provocative spell.” - Stage Scene LA
“A stinging indictment that we, as a species, should live the lives we feel is right for us, without care of what anyone else thinks about the choices.” - Ticketholders LA
“Beautifully written...The Pride is convincing, moving, funny, smart, inventive and just about AS GOOD AS IT GETS!” - Stage and Cinema


Credits And Artist Information

WARNING:  This production contains brief nudity, sexual content, strong language, violence and uses atmospheric haze, herbal cigarettes and strobe effects.

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There will be a post-show conversation after the Wednesday, June 28,  2017 performance.